For Consultants / Recruitment Firms

There are a number of (Huge Actually!!!) Small and Mid Sized Recruitment Consulting Firms that are “Shutting Shop” today..

The main reason being, they are just not able to Generate Business!!!

By, “Generate Business” We mean they (Recruitment Firms) are too focused on Business Development, that they do not have time to focus on what actually matters, being Delivery.


What We Do

Is provide Recruitment Firms – Business. We would handle your Complete Business Development function along with Client Coordination


We have Our Team of Business Development Professionals that would actually do the Business Development required to get you Requirements to work on


These Requirements are shared with Recruitment Consultants / Firms and an Exclusivity model

What We Look At From You

DELIVERY!!! On the Requirements Shared with you

What This Ensures

You’ll (Recruitment Firms) stay focused on Delivery and let us (DesouZas) worry about the Business Development. This Helps you’ll as a Company Grow and focus on generating revenue, rather than worrying about your Business Development function

What We Assure You

No 2 Recruitment Firms / Consultants would work on the same Client’s positions. All Positions shared by DesouZas to you would be Exclusive

Contact Person

Santosh Borah
General Manager – Ops

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+91 77385 25444